The Stress Of The Internet (Coming From A Blogger)

Although initially written this as an introductory piece to work on stress and stress management, it went a bit blog-style so I thought I’d share it with the world. Enjoy.

In the present day, there is little escape. The far-reaching grasps of the internet demand our attention at all times of the day; be it to shop, socialize, learn, watch, work, or listen. Although it houses valuable resources such as newspaper articles, and forward-thinking campaigns for justice, it is relentless. The glory of the Internet is a double edge sword. It gives us access to knowledge, in amounts never before available, but it also allows for abuse. ‘Catfishing’, cyber bullying, a new wave of paedophila and grooming, and outright abusive threats are common online- we only need to look to the news to see the negative effects of social networking platforms.Stress Management

Decades ago, even as recent as 20 years ago, stress was quite different. As times have changed, and people have become more ambitious, we are required to do more to achieve the same status and recognition in the career world, even compared to our own grandparents. We have to work harder, and pay £9,000 a year for university, when in the not to distant past it was free. We have to take countless courses, and sign off ever-rising numbers of hours – all in the name of what is PC or what is deemed ‘proper’, ‘appropriate’. New rules and guidelines protect us, but they also make us fearful and cynical, knowledgeable about the evils that people commit… and this is even before we’re two feet up the career ladder. Knowledge is precious, but ignorance is bliss. Our eyes have been opened to a multitude of stressors. Globalisation has forced others’ problems to become our own. The modern world has given us more opportunity, protection, accessibility… but it has burdened us with more stress than previous generations might truly understand.